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Nursery Lavendon Olney Welcome to the Paddington room. This is the youngest room in the nursery and the children are aged from 0 to 2 years. Our ratio is 1 adult to 3 children. We provide a calm and nurturing environment in which to help your child grow and develop. As with the rest of the nursery, we follow the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). We use this to help support and guide your child's development.

We enjoy playing in the garden, especially in the sandpit and try to get outdoors in all weathers. We have a wide range of toys for our age group including push along trucks, cars, see-saws and smaller slides. We also have music and story times outside to make the most of our environment.

Inside we enjoy playing with a wide range of toys and participate in some very messy activities! We encourage the children to do painting and sticking as well as playing in a variety of textures such as cornflour and jelly!

Children under the age of 13 months sleep in the cot room and are put down to sleep as close to their usual routine as possible. There are musical mobiles in the sleep room and a monitor that is linked up to Paddington room. The children are checked on regularly. Children over the age of 13 months sleep on mats in the classroom when they have dropped down to one afternoon sleep. This helps to prepare them for the routine in Central station.

When your child starts nursery we will provide them with a daily diary. Everything gets written in the diary including meals, nappies and sleeps. This is filled in on the days your child attends and then sent home to yourselves. Please feel free to comment within this book at any time. Please bring it with you on every session.

We will also provide your child with a scrap book and tracker book. Tracker books are an observational record that runs throughout the whole nursery. We use these to write reports on parents evening and track your child's development. These stay on nursery premises and can be viewed at any time.

At nursery, we provide the following items:

  • Sheets and blankets (washed at end of your child's session)
  • Nappies
  • Sudocrem
  • Cow's milk
  • All food
  • Bibs

When you meet us for the second time, we have an hour visit with your child and yourself. In this hour we like to chat and get to know you and your child better and hope that you will learn a bit about us. On this visit, you will be given some paperwork concerning your child's routine.

When your child comes for their leave visit, please make sure that all the relevant paperwork is filled in and returned to nursery. This is to help us get a better understanding of your child, their routine and likes and dislikes!

When your child starts nursery you will need to provide the following items.

  • Bag containing changes of clothes
  • Coat and shoes
  • Slippers
  • Labelled sun cream and sunhat (these stay on premises)
  • Labelled bottles and formula in a small carry pot
  • Comforter (if required)
  • Calpol (to stay in fridge at nursery)

Please ensure that every item is clearly LABELLED and that clothes/shoes/coats are suitable to be worn on the black matting in the garden. As we encourage the children to get messy, please don't put them in their Sunday best!

Nursery Lavendon Olney

Nursery Lavendon Olney